About Us

The Project Team

Project lead:

Kamaldeep Bhui

Management and evaluation team:

Raluca Topciu
Helen Wood
Tessa Roberts
Kamaldeep Bhui


Steering committee:

Andy Bell, Centre for Mental Health
Peter Byrne, NHS East London NHS Foundation Trust
Jonathan Campion, Public Mental Health
Kathy Chapman, NHS England
Edward Davie, Lambeth Borough Council
Rhiannon England, NHS City and Hackney CCG
Max Henderson, King’s College London
Lise Hertel, NHS Newham CCG
Edgar Jones, King’s College London
Heema Shukla, Public Health England
Mark Smith, Police UK
Angela Snowling, Slough Borough Council
Stephen Stansfeld, Queen Mary University of London
Jude Stansfield, Public Health England
Ian Stevens, Network Rail
Sarah Stewart-Brown, Warwick University
Geraldine Strathdee, NHS England
Jonathan Warren, NHS East London Foundation Trust
Seamus Watson, Public Health England


Other contributors:

Emily Hunka, Theatre Troupe
Victoria Tischler, University of Nottingham
Ozlem Eylem, VU University Amsterdam

Web development team:

Natalie Foster
Antonia Anni
Patricia Staples
Toby Salmon

Video Production:

Joy Francis, Words of Colour Productions
Adrianne McKenzie, Words of Colour Productions


We developed this resource through a co-production approach, wherein the full range of relevant groups and organizations were involved. We established an interdisciplinary steering group with representatives from the police, railways, local government, public mental health and public health specialists. The steering group met several times throughout the process and helped create and refine this resource.

In the first phase of this project, Edward Davie and Andy Bell developed the initial paper based materials for different developmental stages (parents and infants, children and young people, working age people, older people) and different audiences (schools, councils, employers and health and emergency services) and Kam Bhui and Raluca Topciu developed the course on the basics of mental health promotion. Raluca Topciu and Tessa Roberts identified evidence based interventions and innovative programmes for promoting mental health in public health settings and mapped existing educational resources. These were distilled and organised to form the Resources section on this site. All these materials were evaluated and received feedback during a one day symposium held on March 24, 2015 with participants from all interested sectors, including service users.

In the second phase of the project, we incorporated the feedback we received and further refined the materials to optimally meet the needs of the non-specialist practitioners and the public at large. Further courses on arts and mental health (Emily Hunka, Victoria Tischler) and e-therapies (Ozlem Eylem) were added. We then transformed the content into e-learning materials with interactive features, videos with case studies and self-evaluation materials all encompassed into a sustainable web-resource. For a second time, we met with representatives from diverse sectors for a one day symposium held on November 11, 2015. Participants evaluated and commented on the web-based resource, and reflected on the benefits in terms of their empowerment to change their own practice and local system. Through this co-production approach, this resource evolved and was refined to the present form. We continue to listen to your feedback and shape the resource on ongoing bases to meet the public’s needs.