Creative arts and mental health – I am a professional working with children and young people

Boing Boing. A range of resources for using the visual arts to help young people build resilience.

Building Resilience through Community Arts Practice. A case study of how the visual arts can be used to support young people with disabilities or mental health problems.

Connected Communities. A report on building resilience with young people through community arts practice.

Resilient Therapy. A book about promoting resilience with children and families by Angie Hart and Derek Blincow with Helen Thomas.

LEAN Arts: Speak Out. A project using drama to support children’s speech and language development.

LEANS Arts: SPring – Artists’ Resilience Circle (SPARC). A project to increase artists’ ability to apply resilience and emotional literacy practice to their arts practice with young people aged 10-14 years.

Theatre Troupe. A project that uses theatre to support children and young people with emotional and social difficulties and mental health problems.