Mental health with parents and infants – I am a professional working with parents of babies and pre-schoolers

Social Care Institute for Excellence. Free 30-minute e-learning modules on parental mental health, parental substance misuse and working with vulnerable families. Aimed at social work practitioners but could be relevant to anyone working with parents and children.

Institute of Health Visiting e-learning. Free, 30-45 minute e-learning modules for health visitors and other NHS staff, including modules on perinatal mental health, safeguarding and positive parenting.

One plus one. 2 hour e-learning course to help manage family conflict. One day face-to-face group training (plus online follow-up learning) also offered. Useful for social workers, health visitors and anyone else working with parents.

Maternal and Early Years (by Healthier Scotland and NHS Health Scotland). Free online information on mental health and wellbeing for those working with 0-3 year olds.

PMH Training. A range of face-to-face, one- and two-day training courses in perinatal mental health for healthcare professionals.

Maternal OCD. Face-to-face talks, presentations and interactive workshops by service users and professionals on perinatal OCD (short talks, half day and full day training workshops). Aimed at any professionals working with new parents.

Fatherhood Institute. A range of training courses around engaging with fathers, for any professionals working with parents.

Video Interaction Guidance training. Face-to-face, skills-based training courses in using Video Interaction Guidance, a tool for improving parent-child interactions and promoting secure attachments. Initial training courses are for two days, though longer courses are also available.

Gingerbread. One-day face-to-face training course on supporting single parents, for any professionals working with parents.

Center on the Developing Child, at Harvard University. Free, 30-minute e-learning modules as well as reports and educational videos on promoting resilience and healthy development in the early years. Aimed at early years practitioners, as well as managers and commissioners of services.