The basics – I work for local authorities / I am a commissioner

A Manifesto for Better Mental Health. A report by the mental health policy group on priorities for improving mental health in the UK.

Faculty of Public Health. A range of resources and information to support the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental illness.

World Health Organization: Mental Health Factsheet. Facts about mental health and mental illness.

No Health Without Mental Health. Guides to improving mental health and mental health services for local HealthWatch organisations, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, health and wellbeing boards, overview and scrutiny committees, and directors of public health.

Public Health England. A framework for improving population mental health by developing the public mental health skills of those who work in public health and those working with the public, including teachers, early years workers, nurses, GPs, housing officers, psychiatrists, line-managers and employers.

World Health Organization: Life Course Approach. A range of publications about the life course approach to health, with an emphasis on healthy ageing.

British Medical Association. A report on children’s health and the life course approach.

The European Network for Mental Health Promotion. A report on mental health promotion across the lifespan.